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crew nation brompton bicycle

Keep on Rolling. Brompton x Crew Nation.

13, one-of-a-kind, Brompton bikes.


Designed by some of the biggest names in music and made by us.


Totally unique, custom-built and all for a good cause.


We joined forces with thirteen major artists and bands in a collective bid to raise money for Crew Nation - a global relief fund for live music crews massively impacted by COVID-19.


Each custom bike design was offered at a live auction running 28 May – 12 June 2021.  


The 13 artists are:


Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Phoebe Bridgers, LCD Soundsystem, Khruangbin, Nathan East, Dinosaur Jr, Oh Wonder, Underworld, Sub Pop, Enrique Iglesias, Rise Against and Neko Case.


The auction is now closed. Thank you to all who took part to help raise $142,000! 100% of the proceeds will go to Crew Nation.

If you still want to donate to Crew Nation, click on the link below.


Donate Now




In the spirit of live music and the cities we love​


We’re lucky enough to count many musicians and their crews as dear friends. Over the years, Brompton bikes have found a moving home on tour buses across the world, ridden by crews and artists out on the road.


Because of this, two years ago, Tevis Jory, our North America Sales Manager, started a Band Bike Hire program where any touring crew or band can reserve bikes, free of charge, for the entirety of their US tour.


“In the last year, people around the world have been disrupted by the pandemic. Artists, crews and all the people who bring music to life have seen their livelihoods disappear. At the same time, the bike industry is booming, which lead me to ask, how can Brompton help our friends in the music industry?" Tevis Jory, Music Project Lead & North America Sales Manager at Brompton


We love the vibrancy the music scene gives to the cities that we call home. The twelve bikes made in partnership with Crew Nation will raise money for the countless people who work behind the scenes to make live music happen and keep our cities buzzing.

The auction​

Radiohead x Crew Nation Brompton Bike​

"I'm ridiculously happy to have been asked to design a Brompton bike that'll be auctioned to raise money (and awareness) for Crew Nation.


Brompton bikes are fantastic zippy folding freedom machines and crews are the unsung heroes of every gig, festival or live events that you've ever been to."


Stanley Donwood, Artist who has created Radiohead's record artwork since the '90s.

Design created by Stanley Donwood, often referred to as the sixth member of Radiohead, and the artist responsible for the band’s album artwork over the last 20 years.


Multicolour scheme; a compilation of elements from the bands back catalogue of albums


In Rainbows Album graphic on main frame


Radiohead bear logo featured on front of bike


Designed on Brompton Black Edition M6L

Dinosaur Jr. x Crew Nation Brompton Bike​

Purple metallic frame, the favourite colour of band member, J Mascis


Overlayed with a scatter of bright flower stickers across the bike

Comes with extra flower decals for owner to further customise


Designed on a Brompton Superlight M6L

Oh Wonder x Crew Nation Brompton Bike​

Titled ‘Happy / Sad Rides’, the design concept was inspired by Oh Wonder’s 'Happy / Sad Songs’ and serves as a reminder that riding a bike is the best action you can take to improve your mental health and stay happy in these uncertain times


Sleek block colour Khaki colour scheme, with contrasting darker front frame

Oh Wonder Decal on front frame Includes Brooks Saddle, Tanwall Tyres, and Tan Grips


Designed on Brompton Black Edition M6L

Rise Against x Crew Nation Brompton Bike​

"Touring the world the last twenty years, life is usually seen from the tour bus and the stage. Whenever we’ve really wanted to feel the pulse of a city, we’ve turned to riding bikes through the alleys and streets of the cities around the world that our fans call home. Collaborating with a company like Brompton is a no-brainer for a band like us that is always moving and appreciates traveling light.


"Our road crew are our family and we rely on them to bring you the show we play in your town. While some of the gears of industry kept moving this last year, the live music industry ground to a complete stop and has yet to meaningfully resume. Consequently, our crew and the road crews around the world have been unable to do their respective jobs; we’re all very thankful that Crew Nation has stepped in to help bridge the gap until the lights come back on.”


Tim McIlrath, Rise Against

Features print of the band’s New Album Artwork


Minimalist Black and White aesthetics with bold print overlayed


Band name featured across top of main frame


Designed on Brompton Black Edition M6L

Khruangbin x Crew Nation Brompton Bike

Designed by Mark Speer, guitarist and one of the founding members of the musical trio Khruangbin

Includes band name in a hand drawn signature 

Paper aeroplane motif on front frame 


Surfer rosé colourway with seafoam green graphics

Custom Continental Contact Urban tyres, with one-of-a-kind cream sidewall with matching Brooks C17 Saddle – to match the tyres 

Designed on S6L Superlight 


Sub Pop x Crew Nation Brompton Bike

Sticker bomb mainframe; taking inspiration from the sticker bomb wall outside of their store in Seattle


Raw lacquer colour scheme with printed finish


B R M custom inspired Sub Pop x Brompton logo

Sub Pop

Brown Brooks B17 Leather Saddle


Designed on M6L Black Edition

Sub Pop

Underworld x Crew Nation Brompton Bike

Based on the artwork from their 1994 album: dubnobasswithmyheadman

Uses a printed vinyl wrap of the frame

Reimagined Brompton logo in style of album artwork


Black and white colour theme


Designed on M6L


Black Edition Brooks B17 Black Saddle



Orange main frame, orange extremities

Gun toting orca on main frame

crew nation brompton bicycle
Designed on M6L Black Edition
crew nation brompton bicycle

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM x Crew Nation Brompton Bike

Long term Brompton fans who regularly have a fleet ready at their studio

Product know how shines through, creating a disruptive, eclectic paint scheme with clashing colours

Includes high spec hub dynamo, rack

crew nation brompton bicycle

Custom caulk grips; homage to the bands love of fishing

DFA Records logo pattern handlebar frame

crew nation brompton bicycle

PHOEBE BRIDGERS x Crew Nation Brompton Bike

Designs inspired by the lyrics from her album, Punisher

Illustrations on front that we’ve used on frame

Black bike with white print

crew nation brompton bicycle

Name on Serial Plate


Designed on M6L Black Edition

crew nation brompton bicycle

Enrique Iglesias x Crew Nation Brompton Bike

Black and gold sparkle frame


Enrique Iglesias initials logo include on decal

crew nation brompton bicycle

Silver Enrique Iglesias logo written across main frame


Designed on Black Edition M6L

crew nation brompton bicycle

Nathan East x Crew Nation Brompton Bike

He designed this bike with his signature Yamaha BBNEII bass guitar in mind, showing colour details along the top tube alongside a guitar pick logo and signature on the serial plate

crew nation brompton bicycle

Finished off nicely with a Brooks' 150th-anniversary special edition B15 swallow saddle in green and copper

crew nation brompton bicycle

Foo Fighters x Crew Nation Brompton Bike

Taylor Hawkins and Nate Mendel both created their own Brompton bikes for the Crew Nation auction.

Foo Fighters – Black Edition M6L – by Taylor

Designed by Taylor Hawkins, drummer for the Foo Fighters


Inspired by his hawk nickname


Birds of Prey hovering over 


Black and yellow dramatic


Hawks all over the frame


Designed on M6L Black Edition

crew nation brompton bicycle

Foo Fighters – Black Edition M6L – by Nate

Based on their album, Medicine at Midnight


Main frame and handlebar – half tone print pattern, printed across main frame


The bike version of the album artwork

crew nation brompton bicycle

1-by-1 heart of serial plate


Nickel front frame


Designed on Superlight

crew nation brompton bicycle

About our partners

About Crew Nation


Live music inspires millions around the world, but the concerts we all enjoy wouldn't be possible without the countless crew members working behind the scenes.


Learn More


“We’re thrilled to have the support of these incredible artists and our friends at Brompton Bike. Their creativity will go a long way towards helping out crew members who have long been out of work and are in need of a lifeline,” said Nurit Smith, Executive Director, Music Forward Foundation. “Crew Nation is endlessly grateful to be chosen as the charity partner for this campaign.”

crew nation

About Greenhouse Auctions


Greenhouse Auctions is an online auction platform designed to support artists, promote diversity, and provide a welcoming platform for buyers. 


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“It is an honour for Greenhouse Auctions to host the sale of unique Brompton bikes to benefit Crew Nation. Both entities must be commended for coming together to benefit the music community, combining the power of sound with environmentally conscious transportation to create this exciting charitable event. At Greenhouse, we share their values of empowerment and nurturing, particularly within vulnerable communities.” Shlomi Rabi, Founder of Greenhouse Auctions.

crew nation